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The ASEAN Basketball League is basketball co-venture between 8 COUNTRIES in SouthEast Asia. After numerous branding attempts with other Asian agencies, The ABL franchise came to Pure Fusion Media to refresh a brand that had been created only two years before, but that wasn’t seeing the impact in ticket sales, merchandise purchases, or television coverage.


The original logo was dated from the start, and wasn’t capturing the audience, or the dynamism of this powerful sports offering, spanning across SouthEast Asia.


Our first concept was a bold new expression, an artistic and dynamic mark that could be used in a broad range of applications.


Our pitch was in itself a work of art, helping them understand the current trends while elevating them to new graphic and branding heights.


After feedback from the league, we shifted directions, to create a more “ASIAN’ inspired thematic.


We created dynamic “environment” based mockups to show The ABL how their branding work look in various spaces.


Thankfully, the final brand was an amalgam of our first powerful offering and some of the new concepts. We were very pleased with the direction The ABL chose, as we were all in love with our first design.

Most important to us, we were able to keep the flame concept with the new design, something the team had loved about the original concept.


THE ASEAN BASEKETBALL LEAGUE has become a powerful force in International Sports, gaining far more international media coverage (including Fox Sports), picked up a host of new sponsors, added new teams, and produced immense pride in the countries of SouthEast Asia that they now have a considerable sports presence in the arena of baketball.