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Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in the BBF Test Flight. Please fill out all the information below after you have played the game for at least two weeks. We will only contact you if you check the "talk to me" dialog box. We really appreciate your feedback, and each of you will be receive a full unlocked version of the game when it is fully released on the AppStore and Android. Thanks again.

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Please tell us your age.
Overall Graphics *
Please rate your overall graphic experience from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest)
Overall Gameplay *
Please rate your overall game play Experience.
Overall Animation/Character Sounds *
Please rate the animations and the character sounds.
Soundtrack Music *
Please rate the soundtrack music in terms of enjoyment and likability.
Flow *
Please rate how well the game flowed, was there any lag time, frustrating pauses, glitches, etc?
Humor (Funny) Level *
Please rate how funny you thought the game was.
Stickability *
Please rate the games ability to draw you in to play frequently.
Ambassador Level *
Please rate the games ability to make you want to share it with other friends/family, etc.
Skill Level *
Please let us know how challenging the game was for you.
Your Ability *
On a consistent basis, what level per character were you able to achieve during game play
Favorite Characters
Please tell us your top three characters.
Please give us your thoughts on new characters that we could create in the future.
Revenue Model *
Please let us know how much you would be willing to pay, or you think friends might be willing to pay, to unlock all the levels of the game, have free play and receive a new character every month.
Talk to Me! *
I would love to discuss this game and my experience in more detail.
Please let us know of any other thoughts you have about the game and any suggestions you might have to make the game even better!