Take a look at the logos to the left. Do you see any similarities? Well, besides phenomenal design skill? Many design houses tend to create branding that, quite frankly, all looks the same. While that may work for some agencies, we never want our work to constrict us into a particular style. We use powerful proprietary tools, like our Needs Based Analysis Questionnaire, to ensure that each brand project is unique, targeted and potent. The result is a dynamic brand, packaging or marketing solution that is specifically geared to your vision, mission and culture.


We'll spare you the suspense... OF COURSE it does! Every time you or your customers gaze on a brand, product package, website or marketing piece, you are making judgements on the success and viability of that company. We say it this way: Perception equals Reputation. We create powerful imagery and rebranding that produces the highest perceived value in the minds and hearts of your customers, and competition. Many times, we can enhance your current brand look, so that your new rebranding solution still retains some of the recognizabiility of your previous brand. When you are ready to take your brand to the next level, reach out to us!

KAURI Springs is a spring water offering from New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its refreshing water sources, and the founders of the company wanted a design that was bright and efervescent, like their water. In addition, the natives of New Zealand (The Maori) sport very distinctive tattoos that are well known among New Zealanders. The final result was a crisp, refreshing design, with unique elements that brought in the Maori pattern.

Salty Snacks is a down-home Americana style brand so we wanted to reflect that in the packaging. The main logo brand was designed to resemble an old fifties road sign you might see on Route 66. In thinking of the underlying visual, we determined, 'what is more small town than a water tower?' The photo also amplifies the "salty" aspect of the snack. Salty? You need water! The result was a powerful, but understated brand that stood out among overly busy and brashly emotive packaging choices.

Coleman was looking to enhance its current branding while adding some new dynamism to this food line. We created a design that was reflective of the outdoor enthusiast, while making the title and flavoring clean and concise. The icons at the bottom help the customer associate the product with their outdoor activities of choice. Bold and story-driven, this package design is a big hit among both the outdoor enthusiasts and the general snacker!


One of the areas we are the most proud of, is inserting MEANING into your visual solutions. We know that you want to change the world, and we work with you to develop powerful and creative ways to communicate that vision in your packaging, website and marketing material. In the project to the left, we were able to add "Because You Are A Masterpiece" to every bar, allowing the founder of the company to communicate the value he places on all of humanity. We strive to help you communicate a positive story, while providing the best in visual storytelling.