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Pure Fusion Media Named One of The Top Branding Agencies in Phoenix, Arizona by!


Recently Clutch, an independent ratings and reviews firm, released a list of the Top Branding Agencies in Phoenix, Arizona. Out of the 99 firms on this list in the Phoenix area, we are excited to announce we were ranked number TWO! Clutch looks at clientele and does case-study style feedback on completed projects done by the firm. We are glad that Clutch has featured us on this list and that we have been recognized for our hard work.

According to Clutch’s research, 62% of business decision makers rely on online reviews before deciding whether to work with a partner. That’s why, even though we know we’re delivering great work for our clients, we want to make sure potential clients know it as well.

As a company we have done countless projects, everything from sports, to cosmetics, to food branding and well beyond. We are very proud of all of the work we have done in all of our industries.


For example, one of our recent projects was with the ASEAN Basketball league, a collective of nine countries that form SouthEast Asia’s version of the NBA. We believe that it is success and projects such as this that has led to our great accreditations.  We have done so many incredible projects, but we are only successful because of our amazing team and incredible clients. One of our recent reviews from our client eBars said,

“Pure Fusion’s branding efforts have helped portray our products as disruptors in the marketplace.”

Another client reviewed us on Clutch and gave such a wonderfully detailed review. The review itself was packed with over 500 words and the client really appreciated the quality of our work. They stated,

"I haven’t worked with anybody better in terms of getting high-quality work done quickly."

Having our clients say incredible things about us has given us a great 5 star rating on Clutch. Check out the work we did with eBars that led them to giving us such high accolades.

Branding is critical for any business, Forbes even wrote an article that talks about how important it is to brand your business. However, branding is only part of what we do as a company. Clutch’s sister website The Manifest came out with a list of the top 15+ Web Design Companies in Phoenix. Pure Fusion also placed on this list as number 11! We are lucky to be part of such an important and exciting industry for over 15 years. We also look forward to many more successful years and the incredible projects that will come with it. ,