Building business success through

  • Design.
  • Story.
  • Meaning.
  • Design is more than just beautiful artwork…

    At Pure Fusion Media, we look at design holistically, going far beyond the aesthetic and looking into how to design your ethics, your language, your experience and your organization and structure. This approach produces powerful businesses, not just successful artwork. Our Needs Based Analysis system and other proprietary offerings ensure that we create clients’ businesses that are branded with power and purpose. Put us to the test, and see how different this design approach can be.

  • Are you telling an effective brand story?

    Stories are all around us; and great companies don’t merely create great branding, they understand how to build positive and powerful stories around their companies, products and services. At Pure Fusion Media we help our clients develop powerful stories that remain top of mind with both their customers and their competition. Our proprietary processes help us craft both your story, and your story experience, to create the strongest referrals and recommendations.

  • Do you want to change the world through your business?

    Too often, we tend to consider that to make a difference in the world through business we need to give to organizations, NGOs and faith-based organizations. But Pure Fusion Media helps you create meaning directly through the workings of your business. We help you to understand just how powerful you can be in the lives of your customers and your employees. We will help you increase the power of your employees and customers, and make the world a better place through the practices of your business.



Which company logo design appears more reputable?



Pure Fusion Media, a Nashville design company specializing in logo design, web design and package design, recognizes that when you look at a business’ logo design, website design, or marketing material, you not only evaluate their capabilities. You make judgments on their past reputation. The effectiveness or weakness of the brand or logo design mentally equates to a reputation of excellence, or poor service and shoddy quality. People work with companies they feel they can trust. Trust often begins at the visual level. Trust creates opportunity, and opportunity creates profitability and repeat customers.

At Pure Fusion Media, we create branding and logo designs that produce positive reputations and trust. We craft design, story and meaning into our clients’ branding, visuals and marketing. You can go anywhere for a logo design, website design or package design (we can even recommend a few other Nashville design companies if you’d like). But if you are looking for a strategic partner that understands how to communicate in a manner that generates profitable action, you’ve landed on the right website.

How HEALTHY is your current brand?

Here’s a FREE tool to help you find out!

How successful and relevant is your business’ brand? At Pure Fusion Media, we’ve developed an easy to use BRAND HEALTH SURVEY to assess the strength of your company’s image in the marketplace! In just a few minutes you’ll discover if your brand is “on fire!,” or in need of intervention. Download and use this valuable tool today!



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We wrote the book on the Power of the Business Experience… Literally.

CRE8TVE SUCCESS is the powerful new book from Pure Fusion Media founder, David W Litwin. This book teaches the reader to use the strategies or, “operating energies,” of the right brained (artists, authors, musicians, screenwriters, etc.) and develop businesses that produce the loyalist of customers and strongest of referrals. More than just a business book, you’ll learn how to build a company that is not only hyper creative, but also truly strives to make a difference in the lives of your employees, your customers and the world.




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