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If you choose to read these, be prepared to sit a while. We are incredibly honored to receive such positive accolades from just a few of our many satisfied clients. Note how many of these testimonials speak more to the working relationship and customer service, than even to our exceptional design skills. This is why we chose to put up this page. It paints a picture of the type of relationship you will have with us.


"PFM's work is outstanding!! We are very pleased with how beautiful and professional our branding turned out. They kept to our deadline, had continual communication with us, and worked at a fair price."

"We rehired Pure Fusion Media to design our Stationery System after they successfully completed our logo redesign. Once again, they delivered a dynamic, professional product and held our hands through the process when we didn't know what to ask for. We're glad to have PFM on our team and look forward to future engagements.

"David and the team at Pure Fusion Media is amazing. The branding he prepared for our company was well thought and answered all our business needs. David is very responsive and professional."
SMART COOKIE - branding and collateral

"This was my company's first time using PFM we couldn't be more satisfied with the work. They started the project immediately, communicated effectively at each step of the process, and helped me (a non-designer) understand the requirements of the work I was asking illustrating what ideal design partnership looks like. Beyond their dedicated approach to our project, they went above and beyond the call of duty, providing additional deliverables to us including a style guide, which sets up my team for success for using his deliverables. I look forward to the opportunity to work with PFM in the near future."
TRICOL CLEAN - Packaging

"Working with PFM on my branding project was such a pleasure. They are very skilled and talented. They brought my vision to life with the branding for my product. Their communication, work ethic, and completion of this project was very efficient. I am looking forward to working with them again on future projects."
AFFECTION - branding

"I have used David and PFM on numerous projects and will continue to do so. They have been a wonderful asset in making sure that my business has an edge over our competition. Their attention to detail and willingness to get the job done quickly has saved us money and time. Their product is always exceptional."
BETHESDA SALT CAVE - branding, packaging, site design, marketing

"PFM did an outstanding job designing packaging materials for a private label product. In fact, the manufacturer complimented their designs as "very high quality, professional, premium look and feel" compared to the majority of package designs they receive for this generic product. This design will definitely give us a competitive edge."
HEART AND HEARTH HOME - branding, packaging

"This was my first job with PFM and i am really glad i worked with David and his team. He did a wonderful job, very communicative and can give you his time for your work. I'll definitely be working with my jobs in the future with him "
RILUXI - packaging

"PFM was seriously out of this world. We had a project with him and another designer, and we were absolutely stunned by the difference in our experience. David was so efficient, professional, very very few edits (things were spot on from the beginning), and lightning fast communication and designs. And his communication style was so helpful and professional, he never hinted at being annoyed when we asked for edits; very contrary to our other experiences. Could not be happier! Thank you PFM."
STRATEGIC EQUITY MANAGEMENT - branding and stationery

"Wow. Five star service all the way around. PFM delivered ahead of schedule every time with a very positive attitude. I'm extremely happy with where this ended up!"

"I shopped around for weeks, and came about the team in the business. They will spend whatever time is necessary to make the perfect, eye-catching logo or design, and is always available when you are. Fantastic job! More work to come!
EGG WHITE BITES - branding

"Great business understanding and a structured process made PFM a pleasure to work with. In addition they have good standard templates to facilitate the business process, which makes the delivery smooth and highly professional."
N-COMPASS - branding, presentation design

"This is our 1st ever experience with PFM and could not have been better. David is INCREDIBLE to work with and we will continue to use him ongoing! Concise, communicative, fast, fair, extremely talented and the list goes on. Thank you PFM"
AZURE KOSMETICS - branding, packaging, marketing, advertising, site design

"WOW!!! What can I say about David and his team! Words cannot express enough what an expert he is! He is an artist and a visionary and he can tell stories through his graphics. He is not simply a "graphics designer". He's an EXPERT and EXCEPTIONAL! He listens, develops, refine and advises to help you get to the optimum destination. Don't mind the to David! Work with him and you will experience the value! I have never...and I say NEVER ever met someone hat is so good at what they do! We connected instantly! Trust me, I have been using these platforms for over 10 years and have spent over 100k on branding projects and David is the BEST I have come across. THANK YOU, DAVID!!!
TAA WONGBE - personal branding

"PFM;s team was responsive, communicative and creative with the work requested. They created a logo which has a wide ranging appeal. They also had to be very patient because the brief changed half way through... I would wholeheartedly recommend PFM and their work."

"David has been the epitome of a design professional and exactly the person I was looking for in my branding job. As a designer myself, I have remarkably high expectations, and David met my every hope for the end result of this project. I can say that the final design we came up with exceeded my expectations and I am absolutely delighted with the final product. David not only designs a visually pleasing product, but more importantly, he designs according to the story that I wanted to tell through the branding. He was able to help guide me to make choices that helped support my brand's story that I laid out from the beginning. I would highly recommend anyone to hire David if they are delivering value to their customers and differentiating from competition through brand value and not competing on price. David has professional workflows, great communication, timely delivery, and a great eye as a designer and knowledge and a brand builder. Highly recommended!"
GEAR FOR GODS - branding